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Katie Kramer, President & CEO

Boettcher Foundation

“Top-notch, engaging, masterful — all words that come to mind when recounting Design Thinking Denver’s work with our Boettcher Scholars. Hark’s proven ability to help people think through their challenges and opportunities from a new perspective and arrive at solutions that resonate was evident throughout his work with us. He made a lasting impact on our scholars and provided them with tools to tackle their challenges now and well into the future.”

Scott Thomson, President


"Joe “Hark” Herold is an outstanding speaker who understands how to connect personally and deeply with his audience. He instantly recognized the essence of service in our community and turned it into a stirring and motivational talk that inspired all present. They were spellbound in the moment and left with a renewed sense of appreciation and desire for more. I’m already figuring out how to bring Hark back!"

Brantley Pace, CEO


"We used Design Thinking Denver to help our team create a solution to increase user engagement. The design sprint helped us realize that we were asking the wrong question. Thanks to the design sprint, we reframed our approach and immediately saw customer engagement double. We were able to focus our resources on key areas within our app that had the biggest impact for our users. Design Thinking Denver was the catalyst that helped our team focus on the right solutions.”